Line 6 Helix Rack Guitar Multi-effects Rack Processor


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The Line 6 Helix Rack multi-effects processor reaches far beyond anything you've ever experienced. It can be a great addition to your rig, a streamlined controller for your existing system, or an incredible-sounding guitar interface for recording in the studio. It can even replace your entire effects setup! Equipped with Line 6's new HX modeling engine, Helix Rack will let you hear brand-new models of modern and vintage amps, cabs, mics, and effects that sound and feel authentically amazing. And with Helix Rack's astoundingly comprehensive I/O and routing capabilities, your rig integration options are limitless. Line 6 has long been at the forefront of the modeling revolution, and Helix Rack is the professional guitar processor Line 6 was destined to make.

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