Keeley Nocturner Dark Delay Pedal



Reverb effects pedal with controls for Decay, Tweek, Warmth and Blend Toggle switch to select between Reverse, Hall and Shimmer modes.

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Aptly named for the Sylvia Plath poem “Aquatic Nocturne,” the Keeley Nocturner offers up rich, lush reverb that will satisfy ‘verb fans of all kinds, particularly those that like to get weird. With Keeley’s new Shimmer and Reverse modes, as well as the classic Hall, it’s easy to use the Nocturner Reverb to flesh out eerie, watery reverb reminiscent of the deep sea. Adjust your sound using the Decay, Tweek, Warmth, and Blend controls and highlight your playing with a subtle sparkle or build echoing, dark reverb.