Arturia KeyLab 88

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The KeyLab 88 is a professional-grade 88-note MIDI keyboard controller designed with the working musician in mind. Featuring a new hammer-action keybed from Fatar and deep integration with our award winning Analog Lab software, the KeyLab 88 is unique with its robust, solid metal construction and classic wooden side panels.

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KeyLab 88: a professional-grade, 88-note MIDI controller keyboard

An extensive array of controls, a stylish yet amazingly lightweight design, and brilliant integration with laptops and tablets: KeyLab 88 is perfect for modern keyboard players, pianists, demanding stage performers, and professional producers who will not compromise on quality. KeyLab 88 sets a new standard in professional controller keyboards.

The Best Control Of Synthesis

As a professional hybrid synthesizer, KeyLab 88 offers the immediacy of a hardware synthesizer combined with the flexibility of a software-based solution.
The keyboard is entirely preassigned to work with the included Analog Lab software, giving you immediate and in-depth control over your sound. Change the filter cutoff, the resonance, adjust the 2 ADSR envelopes, and much more: as soon as the idea hits, it can happen.

But KeyLab 88 also acts as a Universal MIDI controller, compatible with any third-party software and hardware. MIDI Assignments can be customized for virtually any form of music technology using the LED screen or the included MIDI Control Center software.

A solution for the pianist of today

Thanks to the top quality, hammer-action Fatar keybed, the KeyLab 88 is the ideal companion for demanding performers.
Bundled with the Analog Lab software, KeyLab 88 offers an unparalleled, hands-on experience with the nearly 6000 TAE® synthesizer and electric piano sounds. Just fire up Analog Lab, connect the KeyLab 88, and you will be amazed at how well the experience matches the work-flow of a traditional hardware synthesizer. KeyLab 88 also comes with two virtual piano instruments: the Pianoteq Stage 5 (physical modeling) and the UVI Grand Piano (sampled Steinway D).*



  1. MIDI In/Out
    – Connect your favorite MIDI hardware via the MIDI In and Out ports
  2. Control inputs
    – Input connectors for adding expression pedals, a sustain pedal and a breath controller
  3. USB 2.0
    – USB MIDI class-compliant operation for direct connect to your computer or iOS device (camera connection kit required)
  4. Optional DC power
    – Optional DC power input allows use as a standalone controller
  5. Pitch and Mod Wheels
    – Ergonomically-designed pitch bend and modulation wheels
  6. LCD screen for easy editing
    – LCD display allows for easy editing and instant feedback of parameters and presets in Analog Lab
  7. Two banks of 10 encoders
    – Two banks of 10 assignable encoders for use with your favorite plug-in or DAW
  8. Two banks of 9 faders
    – Two banks of 9 faders gives you plenty of options for control. Inverse drawbar mode for use with organ plug-ins
  9. Backlit velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads
    – 16 backlit, ultra-responsive velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads
  10. Octave Transpose buttons
    – Octave transpose buttons allow you to shift the keyboard range up or down
  11. Direct controls for Analog Lab
    – Tight integration with our Analog Lab software gives you the feel of a hardware synth but with the power of software.
  12. Assignable buttons
    – 10 assignable buttons for instant recall of your favorite Analog Lab sounds and quick control of your favorite DAW
  13. Transport Controls
    – The transport controls can send MIDI Machine Control messages for hands-on access to your DAW.

Main Features

  • Includes Analog Lab with 5000 synth sounds
  • All presets are carefully selected from Arturia’s virtual synths. These TAE® powered sounds offer unparalleled audio quality.
  • Quickly filter the presets according to your criteria: by Instrument, by Type (Bass, Pads, Leads, etc.), or by Characteristics (long, bright, dark, etc.).
  • In-depth Preset editing available for owners of Arturia synthesizers (mini V, CS-80 V, etc.). Edit your sounds on the original instruments within Analog Lab.
  • Straightforward editing, with a complete array of parameters for tweaking sounds, directly assigned to the controls of the KeyLab 88.