Starting January 1st, 2023 our new lesson pricing will be going into effect.

The new rates are $27/30 mins, $40/45 mins and $54/60 mins.

Lessons Registration
One on one private lessons are based on a half hour block for each lesson.

Drop in rates are $27 per half hour and regularly scheduled lessons are $25 per half hour.

Call the lesson department at 250.933.1900 or contact by email at

All new students should confirm lesson time availability by phone or email.

Lesson Center Hours: 12:30pm-8:30pm Monday – Friday & 10am – 6pm Saturday

Our cancellation policy is as follows: Any lesson cancelled within 24 hours of the set day/time of a weekly lesson falls under the cancel charge policy.
We are making exceptions when it comes to being sick within reason, we are offering re-booking or virtual lessons, however that is up to the teachers discretion. Any cancellations made outside of the 24-hours before can be cancelled without charge, all cancellation requests are to be made to the lesson coordinator/arbutus music directly.