Mission Statement

To provide a foundation for a lifetime of music, Arbutus Music is dedicated to fostering musical growth, creative appreciation and expression, and character development in our students. The Arbutus Music community thrives on the principles that knowledge is acquired through practice and respect for individual learning, capability is nurtured when knowledge is supported by experience, and character is developed when capability is performed for themselves and for the benefit of others.

A one on one instructional facility that since its founding has recognized the value of combining knowledge and experience, Arbutus Music provides a range of musical instrument educators that specialize in their chosen instrument and genre of music.

Our teaching faculty is actively involved in music throughout the community and the Arbutus Music Lesson Centre strives to provide services beyond the classroom to encompass a broad range of educational, professional, and community based opportunities.

Our students, faculty and staff find it inspiring to participate in the events and opportunities that Arbutus Music develops to encourage the growth of music in our community.

Arbutus Music is committed to attracting a diverse body of students, faculty, and staff. All members of the Music Lesson Centre community are encouraged to achieve their goals in their chosen fields and to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in our community.


Vision Statement

Arbutus Music strives to become the standard of excellence for musical instrument instruction, fostering a love for music, creativity, and character in an active, student-centered learning community.