Used & Vintage

Used and Vintage means different things to different people. Some people qualify vintage as any instrument over 25 years old, and some collectors only look at instrument before the '70's. There are some that feel vintage is only the Golden Era instruments of the beginning of the century to the 1940's.  There are those that collect for looks and popular culture and those looking for craftsmanship and sound. It's all in your notion of what you value in an instrument and seek out.  Used is used, and that being said there are many descriptions for how used it is and its condition. Contrary to most descriptions you see, mint means mint. Never played, in new condition as it was when delivered from the factory with hang tags and all. Then there's Excellent +++, ++, +, Good, Fair and we'll even use the term Rough. Some other grading systems use number 1-10, some use a letter grade similar to your old high school from A+ to an F. Then there is "the player" which is usually a great used instrument with out a lot of collectibility but sounds and plays great! The vintage market is a great way to enjoy an instrument as a piece of art you can play and cherish, and make a sound investment as well. Many guitars will increase in value more than most stocks, or mutual funds and are still tangible assets you can enjoy. Most vintage guitar are going up in the 7-10% a year, and with the unfortunate death of a famous player or sudden rise to stardom of another, the model of instrument those players used could go up 5 times it's value!

We'll always help you buy, appraise, or sell using these systems to rate your instrument with what is currently on the market to make sure all transactions are fair for the buyer, seller, and the store.  Arbutus Music's owner has spent more than three decades gaining respect and trust in the industry for his repairs, work, and knowledge of guitars and won't jeopardize his reputation for one "smoking" deal.