Mar 2012

Big Box vs Choice

Posted by arbutusmusic

Link to article by Robert D. Feinman

One of the benefits of a large store is that it can afford to carry a greater variety of items than can a smaller one. Since it attracts more traffic there will be adequate sales of even less popular items than would be the case in a smaller store.

The problem that arises with a big box store is that they only want to carry items which produce a certain revenue per shelf space, so truly specialized items will soon be eliminated since they don't "pull their weight."

(Enter full explanation of how it happens here.  To read full article, click the link above)

In conclusion, the introduction of big box stores provides the promise of variety and lower prices, but often at the cost of local expertise, quality choices and access to specialized items. Choice is not within a sector, but over the number of merchandise sectors offered. The appearance of variety without the substance. Just like the fast-food restaurants, you can have it your way, as long as it is a hamburger on a bun. The growth and centralization of most businesses is a continuing trend, with little on the horizon to change the market dynamics. It is a mixed blessing, at best.

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