Mar 2012

Arbutus Music Gear Relocation Program

Posted by arbutusmusic

Arbutus Music Relocating Gear to New Happy Homes!

The Gear Relocation Program has made two customers really happy in just the last week!  First there was Lyle.

120318a.jpg 120318b.jpg

And then came along another happy customer and friend who found a home for a custom G&L.  The G&L was only at Arbutus Music for one day! 

Enjoy making music with your "new to you" pieces of equipment.  There are always more in the store, so come on by and see what is hanging out in the Gear Relocation Section of Arbutus Music.

If you have the need to see some gear find a new home, bring it down to Arbutus where you know that you can trust it will be sold at the right price to a good home. 

Gear Relocation Program - Get the Gear Here.