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Learn how to Beatbox with VoxMan Kyle!

We are excited to add Kyle (VoxMan) Shepard to our list of teachers! Kyle specializes in beatboxing...

Ken Hamm Workshop - Tuesday, November 10th

We are excited to have Ken Hamm, one of Canada’s leading roots & blues artists, doing an introduction to slide guitar workshop…

Hello Ladies!

We are excited to have 2 new ladies on staff here at Arbutus, to add to the lineup of gents working here...

A Look Inside a Guitar Factory

Here's a view into the heart of a guitar factory. Cort is the largest guitar maker in the world, making 1.5 million guitars a…

HUGE Product Announcement

A HUGE announcement. I'm very proud that the hardest working guitar is now working it's butt off here at Arbutus Music...

SM57 or SM58?

Recording tip for you young engineers out there. I was arranging my mic drawer and thought I'd post this little fact you might…

Dutchie and his harp guitar recovered

Dutchie's guitar is home and his museum exhibit is finally done and Arbutus Music is proud to be a part of it.

The Next Step Vocal Workshop

Sigma Guitars are back!

Warwick Basses and Amps have arrived!

Charvel Guitars - Two Part video series

Arbutus Music Gear Relocation Program

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