Marty Shepard

Marty Shepard was born & raised way too long ago in Chicago, Illinois. As one of the original members of REO Speedwagon, he opened for such groups as Iron ButterflyCanned Heat & Three Dog Night. After touring the West Coast with Planet Swing, he has performed with Brooke Maxwell’s El SuperBando at the Empress Hotel, Victoria, Joëlle Rabu at The Port Theatre, Nanaimo, BC & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and hs soloed at The Nanaimo Convention Centre. Marty currently performs at festivals and clubs in Nanaimo, Vancouver, Victoria, Tacoma and Puerto Vallarta with the father/son duo, The Big Mess, (of which he is the father aspect).

Marty also engaged in an independent trumpet career, telling gorgeous, heart-moving stories with his trumpet and flugelhorn. These tales can still be enjoyed on his CD “HalfLife”. Delightfully notorious for using a common toilet plunger to produce lush, bluesy tones with his horn, he is admired as a uniquely passionate musician.