Lena Birtwistle

Lena-Birtwhistle.jpgVocals and Piano - Beginners

Lena is a local singer / songwriter who laughs a lot and loves inspiring / encouraging people and sharing anything / everything music-related... also... martial arts and kickboxing... she loves those things too.

She began playing piano at the age of 5 and has completed her Grade 8 Royal Conservatory and a Diploma in Jazz (from VIU) for piano. After college she learned the guitar and began singing. She has been performing professionally for over 13 years.

Lena has been teaching for 6 years, and is VERY passionate about sharing the tools / tips / tricks she's learned about music, performance, and how to break through old doubts / fears to get to another level of music / life / creativity that is way more fun.

She likes to work with her students to help them figure out what they want to get from music, and adapts her teaching style to meet the needs of each individual in a fun, playful, and engaging way. She loves helping students with reading music, music theory, technique, ear training, songwriting, performance, vocal control and strength, harmonies, singing / performing with emotion, technique while playing and singing at the same time, memorization, good practice habits / techniques, working with other musicians, and sharing new music that she finds through friends / students / band mates.

She also loves providing opportunities for her students to perform and has showcased various students as well as accompanied some in performances, bringing them out to her own shows so they can get up in front of a crowd.

She has been / is involved in multiple music projects as well as her own solo project (Emerald Specks) and released her debut solo album (No Sound) in 2014.

Other artists she's worked / recorded / shared stages with include:
The Adamantines, Sid Johnson, Allison Crowe, Kendall Patrick and the Headless Bettys, Ah, Venice, Rob Wilkinson, Redwood Green, Band of Rascals, Navo, WiL.